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YDS Publishing was founded in the year 2005 to produce up-to-date, authentic and error-free publications for foreign language teaching/learning and more particularly for English to become a language used by every individual in Turkey.

One of the most important factors that affects the learning process during language teaching is the teacher, and the other one is the materials. Closely monitoring the system and curricula of the Turkish Ministry of National Education and catching up with the latest amendments to these, YDS Publishing produces foreign language teaching/learning materials ranging from nursery, primary, secondary and high school publications to the supplementary materials for national exams, and markets and sells them all around Turkey.

With the digitization of educational technologies and learning behaviour, YDS Publishing not only heavily invests in trained manpower and technological infrastructure but also develops Online Education, Online Sales and Online Examination Systems.

Being foremost among its competitors nationwide and now getting ahead to become a powerful and leading brand in the international market, YDS Publishing is committed to providing unconditional customer satisfaction for those who derive benefit from its products and services, and to releasing publications elaborately prepared by its expert academic staff, particularly for the use of teachers and students and for the use of anyone interested in foreign language teaching/learning.



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The academic staff, who is expert on preparing English Language Learning/Teaching materials, aims to produce up-to-date, authentic and error-free publications. The publications prepared by the academic staff and the graphic designers are printed by the business partners among whom are the leading paper suppliers and printing houses in Turkey, and the publications are delivered to our Logistics Department afterwards.


All through the year, the teacher trainers, educational consultants and educational representatives, all of whom have a good command of the market and the content of our publications, provide on-site training for more than 150 agencies and the teachers working at state and private schools nationwide.


The customer representatives, who provide customer services using advanced call centre and customer management systems, contact more than 50,000 teachers whose details are held on a regularly updated database. The customer representatives also provide marketing and after-sales services for the teachers. To create immediate solutions to the requests directed from agencies, teachers and online sales channels is the main principle of the department.


The incoming orders from the online agency order system (ydsbilnet), specially developed by YDS Publishing software team, are prepared carefully and thoroughly for delivery by the experienced logistics staff with their high standard process monitoring operations. The final products are sent to the agencies by the contracting courier company staff members working full-time at YDS Publishing central logistics warehouse.

As well as tracking their deliveries online, the agencies can also place online orders during their customer visits through the mobile application of ydsbilnet.


The department is responsible for making payments to and receiving payments from agencies, customers and suppliers, and also responsible for controlling all the other activities related to budget.


The department is responsible for keeping abreast of all the latest nationwide and worldwide developments and for creating strategies to increase the institutional effectiveness and contribute to the steady growth of the company. The department creates road maps to being an innovative corporate and developing new business strategies and educational technologies.

To flourish in the national and international markets
and become a leading, reputable and the most
preferred publishing house.

To provide teachers, students and those interested
in foreign language teaching/learning with the
necessary materials designed with new pioneering

Entrepreneurship and Inventiveness
Authentic and Quality Production
Customer Satisfaction
Determination to Succeed

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