Ready, Set, Play! - Discover

  • Fiction and non-fiction stories in one unit help young learners improve well-balanced literacy and stimulate creativity and observation
  • Science, Art and Cooking activities are easy-to-follow and safe-to-do so that young learners can successfully improve their confidence and understanding of English learning
  • Interactive software enriches students’ learning experiences with eBooks, songs, dances and video clips about activities
Ready, Set Play! - Discover


Student's Component
Student's Component
Teacher's Components (with downloadable files)
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Titles & Levels


(9 titles)


Little Red Riding Hood
The Enormous Turnip
The Wind and the Sun
The Happy Snowman
The Old Lion and the Fox
Prince Phillip


Many Moons
The Magic Bag
Frankie and His Friends
Ready, Set, Play! - Discover